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About Us

A company based on the principle of Knowledge & Energy, 3Q Consult Pvt. Ltd. is a Management Consulting firm that provides services in Training & Development, Organizational Development & Behavior Consulting.

With extensive experience in the field, the founders strive to achieve Quality, Quality & only Quality, thus 3Q.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Developing competent and quality Human Resources, along with systems and procedures, for efficient and productive organizational deliverables

Our Mission

Quality over Quantity

We believe in a "One-Client" Policy where we work with one client at a time to uphold the quality assurance

Areas of Work

Training & Development

Management Consulting

Social Research

Organizational Behavior and Development

HR Planning

Signature Programs

Unfolding Positive Attitude

2 days
Participants learn to -
harness the positivity in themselves for better work performance
use that positivity in personal life for harmonious balance
explore potentials of becoming positive

Business Etiquette

1 day
Participants learn to -
present themselves with poise and professionalism
create business relationships with ease and confidence
respect cultures and explore boundaries

Organizational Planning

3 days
Participants learn to -
analyze organizational context
structure and streamline information for better analytics
analyze the available information
develop "customized" organizational framework

Customer Centric Service

1 1/2 days
Participants learn to -
build on their existing level of knowledge and service delivery
focus on positives of providing service to a wide range of customers
analyze customer needs through various communication channels
work professionally by "tweaking" small habits and also developing new ones

Core Team

Mr. Ram Bhakta Shrestha

President & Senior Trainer/Consultant

Mr. Avash Nirola

Managing Director & Trainer/Consultant

Mr. Tsewang Namgyal Lama

Director (Training Coordination & Logistics)

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